The Course

No. 1 – Lakeview
A tough par three, the green is small and not at all receptive.If you miss the green,make sure to stay short and on the left side. Landing on the right makes for a tough down grain chip.
No. 2 – T. N.&O.
A relatively short par four.  Almost impossible to drive the green (300 yds over a drainage ditch). The best shot is a lay up at the 75 to 100 marker  from the green. A short pitch should then give you a good chance for a bird, as long as you stay below the pin. A long shot will be caught by the defending bunker, but the return shot is tough.
No. 3 – The Ravines
A good par four: watch for the OB on the left. Long and to the right will challenge your approach shot. Stay in the fairway to score.
No. 4 – Vimy Ridge
Long hitters might have a chance to  reach  the green in two. However, 50 yds from the green, you will notice a creek. Play smart and short for the easy par and possible birdie.
No. 5 – Liskeard
From the tee, you will get a panoramic view of the lake.
The choice is yours. Play from the left side of the fairway and you will be able to hold the green.  Play from the center or the right side and you will notice that the green slopes away from you. Check the slope!
Most greens in Haileybury bend towards the lake. A good “rule of thumb” to remember.
No. 6 – Muff
A challenging par 5. If you drive the ball to the bell, go for the green. If not, watch out for the creek. A lay up on your second shot is wise. When you approach the green, stay to the left. Once on the green, good luck putting!
No. 7 – Jeff
Here is your chance for a hole in one or more realisticaly a birdie. This short par 3 is the easiest hole on the course but watch for the pin placement.
No. 8 – The Pines
Drivable par four but the creek and the trees are in your way. Off the tee, hit a shot of 170 yds. and try to split the gap. Again, don’t be above the hole on your approach shot. The green offers a picturesque view.
No. 9 – Flagstaff
Another drivable par four. It might be the easiest hole on the course if your drive is well positioned. But it might be a painful experience if you end up in the ditch, or O.B. on the road, or in the pond on the right.

Haileybury Golf Course Layout

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